Actor, Cowboy, Comedian 

Will Roberts 2018 Golden State Film Festival Best Actor for Short Film “Signal”

Actor and comedian, Will Roberts, won Best Actor in a Short Film during the 2018 Golden State Film Festival for the short film “Signal.” He is a 20 year professional actor, a mechanical bull coach, gun coach, and roping coach.

NOW watch Signal the film in it's 11:30 minute entirety ! 

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Will Roberts 

The dad next door, is a hardened Bounty Hunter in NEW Netflix western. 

Spending 46 days on set in the NOT so Rio settings of Brazil shooting Netflix "The Killer" could make anyone a little edgy. Will plays the role of Gringo, The Killer of all Killers, and with Will's skills with Guns, Ropes, Whips, and ... this role gave Will a chance to shine. Check this beautifully shot and directed film on Netflix.


Netflix The Killer