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Remote shooting studio 


Will Roberts 

Actor, host, producer, shooter, editor





Los Angeles, Ca 

Covid has given us many things, most are not good. However, one thing that has emerged from this pandemic is remote productions. Because our industry around the world has suffered lockdowns and has effected how we do what we do what we do or can not do because we can not be in person the same way. It has caused us to adapt and figure out others ways to create productions. REMOTE PRODUCTION! 

This is the reason I have created this page. I believe that remote production will become more popular and productions need to know they have the actors they need and actors who understand production. 

Please feel free to reach out to me and see if we can make something happen. 

Why Will ? 

Full Greenscreen Studio & Multiple Locations to shoot from.

Professional shooter, Editor

Full Pro VO studio

I am a Livestream producer, and I have a professional greenscreen studio that we can shoot from. I also live in the wine region in California and have many great locations that I can shoot almost anything. 

On top of having some top cameras, and equipment I am an Avid, Final Cut editor. I can give you extra B-roll if needed for a shoot.

I also have a full Voice Over studio and have been in the Radio and VO industry for 38 years. 

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