WHO is Voice talent Will Roberts. 

Whether you need a voice-over for your online commercial, or you’re looking to add spoken words to your presentation, at VoiceoverCowboy.com will provide you with high quality audio tracks recorded by cowboy voice talent Will Roberts. We understand the importance of clear diction and noise-free recording. Each audio track is professionally mastered, so you can add it to your media right away. Listen to some of Will’s samples, and you’ll get an idea of the added value of working with a professional.

Clients include: PBR, Salinas Rodeo, Findley Hats, Bear Archery, Hollywood Hunter, Cherokee Sports, Legendary Arms, Raptor Razor Knifes, Keystone sporting arms, Ripcord ace, Pocket Hose, Tree Stand Buddy, Buck Forage, Trophy Ridge, Blind Turtle, Harteis Ranch, Armscor Ammo, Hawke Optics.

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You can buy a :15 voice over that you can use for a whiteboard, web spot, radio commercial or a corporate presentation.

You order your chosen package. After you’ve paid, you will be redirected to the submission screen. All you need to do is send us the text script that you want will immediately begin working on it. Orders are completed within 2 days – if there’s anything we need to clarify before starting, we’ll be in touch right away. After the work is done, you will receive a an audio file from us. All transactions are processed via PayPal and are 100% secure.